NEH leads the way in outdoor living!


Through an array of decorative masonry and architectural concrete products New England Hardscapes offers many options as well as cost saving solutions to create beautiful outdoor living areas across New England. Americans have always “lived” outdoors, but the concept of Outdoor Living is a relatively new and rapidly growing lifestyle phenomenon.


Today’s consumers have an incredible selection of products to make Outdoor Living one of the most pleasurable aspects of owning a home. According to a survey of homebuilders, a patio is one of the top three features most requested of new homebuyers. Homeowners are building stone patios with outdoor kitchens complete with large, permanently-installed grills, refrigerators and work areas. They’re installing luxurious outdoor fireplaces or fire-pits to extend the season, adding beautiful outdoor lighting to extend the evening. They’re even installing televisions, stereos and artwork specially made to be weatherproof.




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